What Do you Value More, Time or Money?

When we are young, we normally have less money but more time, therefore we value our money more.  As we get older this becomes the opposite, usually we can afford more but become time poor.

This idea of time versus money was tested on me this past week, when my 2 hour flight from Barcelona to London was cancelled due to air traffic control strikes in France. This meant not only flights to and from France were cancelled, but also most flights that had to travel over France air space.

Being a freelancer, I really value my time. Time is money in my world. If I waste a day, I do not get paid. This past week, I was on my way to a great conference, BrightonSEO. I was asked to be part of a Freelance Roundtable discussion and therefore there was additional need for me to be there. I had to get to England.


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10 Reasons to Visit Barcelona in the Spring


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The Most Romantic City in The World For Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day ! To many it is a day to celebrate their love, for those that are single, some want to ban Valentine’s.  But I don’t think it should be about if you are single or not, it is a day to reflect and think about who is important to you in your life, close friends, family and make sure you appreciate them. It should also be about spending this day in a place that you love and enjoy.

I asked some of my friends what they thought about Valentine’s Day, what is the most romantic city in the world and why.


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Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London

I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park last week and it was fantastic.  This is definitely a place I recommend you visit during the Christmas break. It is open every day (except Christmas Day) from 10am until 10pm.

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