A Weekend in Budapest – What to See and Where to Stay

I went to Budapest for a wedding in the summer and it was great. I had been here before but was on my own so had a very different experience. Budapest is a relatively cheap place to visit for the weekend. I would recommend taking 400 – 500 Euros for 4 days as a couple or 200 Euros as a single person.


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Travel Lovers – How the Brexit Will Affect You

June 24th is a day that will go down in history forever – the day the UK voted to leave the EU. It was very close and it was a surprise to many that the Leave Campaign won.

Votes to LeaveI love to travel and I appreciate the freedom of movement, so I did not want to leave the EU. I wanted to put together a post to show what may happen to those like myself, now we face a time of uncertainty.

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Barcelona – Beach, Culture and Food for the Weekend

I love Barcelona, the beach, the city, close to the mountains as well.  The one area I like the most is the beach which is open all year round!  It is free as well, so you can have fun without it costing. There are several meetup activities on the beach such as volleyball training. There is also a swimming meetup, I have never been as the sea is a little cold for me.

The Bogetell beach and Nova Icaria have many meetups. Throughout the year people are at the beach. There are many people biking along the beach. You can easily rent a bike and cycle all the way from Barceloneta to El Maresme Forum.


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A Long Weekend in Washington D.C. – Best Attractions To Visit

Washington DC

I spent many years living near Washington DC and I used to go back every summer. I would recommend at least a long weekend here if you are heading over to the east coast. There is so much to see and it doesn’t have to break your budget.

The Mall

The best way to see Washington Dc is to walk down the mall. The National Museum of Natural History is down the Mall and is popular for locals with families as well as tourists. It is home to the insect zoo where we used to watch the feeding of the tarantula, there is also a IMAX cinema and a hall of dinosaurs. This is a great place to take the kids and even older members of the family.


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