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Turning 30 tends to signal the end of youth and the opening of a new chapter of one’s life, where you get married, buy the house, the family car, have a couple of kids and have a steady job. Those that are not on that path, can sometimes dread turning the big 30 as it normally means the end of their free and single life and that they are expected to settle down.

I set up this blog to show those turning 30 or those in their 30s that are not married or do not have kids, that  you are still young.  You can enjoy yourself, go travelling, see places you have always wanted to see, you are not over the hill yet.

When I turned 30, I did not have a partner, I was not getting married or having children.  Instead,  I rented out my flat, moved into a shared house in central London, sold my car and gave up my job to go travelling.

30 is all about having fun and it is better then being 21, you have more money and more work experience, so getting that job (when you come back from travelling) will be easier.

Taking part in my first 2km Ocean Swim at 32
Taking part in my first 2km ocean swim at 32!

Follow me on my adventures and find out how you can still have fun travelling or even discovering your home city on a budget. Connect with me on Twitter or email me at [being30 dot com at gmail dot com]

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  1. sabrina says:

    Great! I’m approaching my 30s and I am freaking out. Nothing’s going as planned…I’m unmarried and I’m also nowhere close to starting a family. I don’t even have a proper job and I am even more confused than an 18 year old on career’s week.

    1. norvell says:

      Thanks Sabrina for your comment. I hope you enjoy reading the blog.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Welcome to your 30´s – the new and improved 20´s.
    There are so many of us who are not on that track in life. I look forward to reading a bit more.

    1. Turnbull says:

      Thanks Montse, I agree, being in your 30s is much better.

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