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Popular Attractions & Accommodation in Seville

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Posted: June 13, 2012

This post is a little delayed as I came back from Spain just a month ago.  I still would like to share with you my experience in Seville.  I wrote a post for tripwolf about 10 attractions to see in Seville.

I stayed in two youth hostels while I  was in Seville  As I was studying and working, I could not go out every night and I had to pick and choose my hotels carefully. I did manage to see some of the attractions and here are just the top 5  I recommend.

1) Giralda & Cathedral

I went here with a friend on a Saturday, it was not that busy as it was off peak season, but if you go in the summer, it is probably best to go during the week to avoid the crowds. The entrance to the cathedral gives you access to the tower or “Giralda” as well.

Giralda | Attractions in Seville

2) Going out

In Spain people do not tend to go out until  10pm at least.  I went out to a friend’s apartment who lived just opposite the Metropol Parasol.  We had some tapas and then went to Plaza de Alfalfa.  We went here a few times, there are a lot of bars packed into this area which can be quite lively. I went to Seville in the spring, but in the summer, there is a lot of people out and about along the river on the Calle Betis.


3)  Metropol Parasol

As my friend’s apartment (which he secured through the Enforex school) was opposite this attraction, I managed to get a very good view at night and take this photo.  I also went to the metropol during the day and you could see for miles.  I was lucky with the weather as just 30 minutes later it poured down. Seville weather in April/May is very temperamental, one minute it can be nice and dry and then it rains. I would recommend going to this tourist attraction and it is only  1.20 euros to enter.

Metropol Parasol | Popular Attractions in Seville

4) Check Out The Tapas

If you really want to live like a Sevillian, then head to a tapas bar.  You can go during the day or at night before you hit the party scene in Plaza de Alfalfa.  I went to a few tapas places, unfortunately, I didn’t make it to Coloniales as the time I went it was so busy we could not get a table. Coloniales serves apparently the best tapas in Seville and that reason along with its proximity to the Cathedral, makes it very popular.

Tapas | Attractions in Seville

5) Take a Tour

I was lucky enough to have a free tour of the city the first day I arrived.  This had been arranged by the school.  It gave a great overview of attractions to visit and see in Seville.  There are many different tour operators including the hop on hop off bus which I am a big fan of. In this city I didn’t take this bus as I had my great tour on the first day.

Where to Stay?

I stayed in two places during my 13 days in Seville.  I should have really rented one of the apartments from the school, but I didn’t and  it just turned out to be rather pricey.

Hostel Samay

The staff were very friendly here and they even did your washing for 8 euroes.  I had my twin  room with private bathroom. I was on the ground floor and was able to get WiFi in my room, very important as I was working. The cost of a twin room in Hostel Samay with private bathroom was 368 euros for 7 nights.

There was a common room with one computer and there was a kitchen where you could get breakfast for 2 euros but it wasn’t that great so I went elsewhere.

Oasis Backpackers Palace

I would recommend Oasis if you want to meet a lot of people.  They have parties on every night.  Unfortunately for me, the roof top bar which does not close until midnight and has very loud music was just on top of my room.  Sound travels in this hostel.  The common room where we had “free” breakfast every day was surrounded by bedrooms.  There were 4 computers to use and you also print stuff too. This was the most expensive hostel I stayed in during my time in Spain, it was 381 euros for 6 nights for a double room.

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