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Where to Study in Barcelona? don Quijote !

Barcelona Europe Spain
Posted: June 15, 2012

I went to Barcelona for a week as part of my month long Spanish course.  I went to Madrid, then Seville and then Barcelona.  I love Barcelona and don Quijote here is my favourite school.

Many activities for the students

Every day there is a list of activities to take part in which is a great way to get the students involved in Barcelona night. On Mondays night there is a welcome dinner.  There are also tours of Barcelona, I went on the Ravel and La Rambla tour.  Our guide Tony, was excellent and it only costs 5 euros, great value.  At school every day at 14:00 there is cultural class for one hour which is free for anyone at the school to attend.  On Saturdays there is also an excursion outside of the city, which changes weekly.

New and centrally located

This school opened in its new location in 2008 and is near the Sants Station, on Calle Mallorca, 27 which is very central. The nearest metro station is Entenca.  My accommodation was only 2 blocks away from the school which was very convenient. As the school is so new all the facilities are modern, there is a big cafe area where students can purchase drinks/snacks from the vending machine and can also use the computers. I would not rely on the pcs as they are very old, but the WiFi works well.

Barcelona school lobby

Great Teachers

I had a really good teacher while I was at the school called Marion Coderch who also taught at the Universidad de Barcelona.  She was very encouraging and as many of our classmates could not be bothered to come to school, we got nearly one on one tuition.  The principal of the school was also very pleasant, strict but fair.

View of BCN beach


I would recommend organising accommodation with the school if you can as it can work out cheaper than staying in a hostel. I stayed in a place called “Exiample”. It was cheap, 30 euros a  night, but I had a single room and the mattress was not strong which meant I fell through it. I am not heavy, but it does not take the weight of an adult.  Plus the room was right by the reception which meant I woke up all the time.

Plaza Catalunya

I had a fantastic time in Barcelona.  I would love to go back and live there, but I have to wait and see what jobs are available.  There might be something so watch this watch space.

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