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Best Place To Study And Stay In Madrid

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Posted: April 29, 2012

There are lots of schools where you can learn Spanish in Spain.  I have studied at the don Quojite in Madrid and Barcelona and I highly recommend them.  I spent this past week in Madrid and had Rebeca and Alfonzo as my teachers.  They were both very enthusiastic and I learnt a lot in my week at don Quoijte.

Don Quijote - Studying in Madrid -
Don Quijote Statue in Madrid

The school in Madrid is situated near the Plaza d’Espagne, the nearest metro stop is Ventura Rodriguez.  The school is just off the main road, o Duque de Liria 6, 28015  Madrid.  The first day we arrived, we all took a test which was to assess our level of Spanish.  A1 and A2 is beginner, B1 and B2 intermediate and C1, C2 is Advanced.  I was hoping to be in B1 after I dropped a level to A2 when I was studying Spanish in Alicante.

There were 8 people in my class, the maximum in each is 10 and the mimimum is 1 person.  One of the girls I met at don Quijote was the only person in her class.  This meant she learnt a lot of Spanish which was good for her as she was a beginner.

The school has classes either 9pm  – 1pm or 3pm – 7pm.  There is also the option to take cultural classes which is every day 7 pm– 8pm.  I attended the first one as it was about things to do and see in Madrid which was very useful.

Plaza de España - Studying in Madrid -

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Madrid and look forward to studying at the partner school in Seville.

Places to Stay

When you are studying in another country, you do not want to be worried about where to stay, if it is in a safe area, close to the centre, what the people will be like.

I found a great hostel right called Hostal Pilar by Plaza Sol, very central.  It was 38 euros a night for a single room with ensuite.  The room was cleaned every day and despite making my bed, it was always made again for me and fresh towels were put in the bathroom daily. The staff at this hostel were very friendly (especially Monica) and as someone travelling by themselves, I felt very safe.

Hostel E lPilar - Studying in Madrid -

Home Stay

If you are staying for longer, it can work out cheaper if you stay with a host family.  One of the girls I met on the course was staying Manuel Becerra which is on the east of Madrid for 199 euros a week.  This included breakfast.

Student Shared Flats

If If you do not want to stay with a host family, sharing a student flat is always a great way to meet people. In Madrid it costs 190 euros a week which does not include meals.

Apartments for Rent

For those who know a friend in Madrid, it will be even cheaper as rent is a lot less than in Paris and London.  However if you go through Don Quiijote, it will be all organized for you.

Plaza Sol - Studying in Madrid -
Plaza Sol

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