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Best Places To Eat Out In Rome

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Posted: July 22, 2012

When I was staying in Rome earlier this month, I sampled a few of the local restaurants, pizzerias included.  Here are a few  places I recommend visiting when you are over in Rome, Italy.

1) L’Esquilino

Located on Via Cavour (87), I went out for dinner with my colleague on Wednesday night at L’Esquilino.  This is a typical Roman restaurant at a reasonable price. We had bruschetta for starters and Bucatini all’Amatriciana, (pasta with bacon and tomato sauce), it was delicious.  I was too full for dessert but there was of course tiramisu.

L'Esquilino | Restaurants in Rome |

2) Trattoria Angelo

This restaurant on Via Giobertti is good value for money and is right by the station.  Trattoria Angelo is not air-conditioned, but the staff are very friendly and they immediately greet you on arrival and take your order quickly.  There is a special menu for 10 euros which includes one pasta dish (from a choice of 6) and one meat or fish dish (from a selection of 6).   The 10 euros also includes a mixed salad and roast potatoes.

3) Pizzaria Mediterrenean

This pizzeria is on Via Agostino Depretis, just by the Piazza Esquino. This is one of the cheapest pizzerias I came across while in Rome. It was just under 2 euros for a slice of pizza to take away. What a bargain! But then I would expect cheap pizza in the country it was invented.

4) Pizza and Mortadella

This is a pizza place on Via Cavour (283) as well as a deli and small grocery store.  All the pizzas are made fresh and on the premises daily.  The cafe is air-conditioned which is essential on a hot summer’s day. The slices of pizza are dependant on the weight, but it cost around 3 euros for one.

Pizza and Mortadella | Eating in Rome |

5) Restaurant Baires

I went to this Argentinian restaurant for lunch one day, simply because it had air conditioning and it was bout 38 degrees outside.  There was also a special on the salads.  After eating pizza and pasta all week, I was in need of some greens.  There was a wide range of salads, all big portions, they came with bread a soft drink for 9 euros. The cover charge was included.

There are many places to eat out in Rome without it breaking the bank.  I went out to just 5 during my short stay in Rome, but I know there are many more in the city.



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