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Cheap and Cheerful Restaurants in Prenzalaur Berg, Berlin

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Posted: June 29, 2012

I was staying in East Seven Berlin hostel in Prenzalaur Berg.  It was a great area to go out in, I did not have to walk far to find some good restaurants near my hostel.

Vietnam Village, Oderbergerstr 7

I stumbled across this restaurant looking for a place to watch the Euro 2012 which was not too crowded.  As the match was already in full swing, all the tables outside were full. However, I managed to secure a perfect spot inside with perfect view of the tv screen.  The staff seemed too busy to give any decent customer services, maybe they were not used to having a full restaurant, or maybe just two waitresses to serve the whole restaurant meant they had too much pressure on them to care about service.

Vegetarian Restaurant W-Imbiss – Schönhauser Allee

Vegetarian Restaurant | Schönhauser Allee |
Vegetarian Restaurant | Schönhauser Allee

I went to this restaurant on my first night, it was about 5 minutes walk from my hostel.  They serve all vegetarian food and I had the asparagus soup with some naan bread  – all freshly made there. It came to 8 euros in total with soft drink. The restaurant also served a selection of fish dishes which would be great…. if I liked fish.  The staff were very friendly and I even asked them on what to do in Berlin which they were able to help me with.

Thai Food – Lemon Grass – Schwedter Straße 12

Located just a few doors down from my hostel, I initially went here to order a take away thai meal, but then ate it there.  A non alcoholic drink, spring rolls and chicken with rice came to just under 10 euros, quite a good deal.

Thai Restaurant | Schwedter Straße |
Thai Restaurant | Schwedter Straße

Italian Food – Schwedter Straße

Located on Schwedter St a couple of doors down from the Thai restaurant, this Italian eatery is a favourite for locals epecially when the Italians are playing football.  They serve all Italian food and wine, but German beer.  The staff seemed very friendly and they all spoke perfect English as well as German and some even Italian. But apparently I insulted the chef by asking if they served pizza here which they did not.

Memory Café – Schwedter Straße

This café also has free WiFi when it works (I think it was being a bit temporamental that day).  I came here to use the WiFi and grabbed a coffee as well.  They also do a great breakfast, they work with the East Seven Hostel and will give you a good discount.

Memory Cafe | Schwedter Straße |
Memory Cafe | Schwedter Straße

Eating out in Berlin, does not have to cost a fortune and Prenzalaur Berg was a great place to grab a bite to eat. I felt very safe walking around the area at night which was important as I was travelling on my own.

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