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Dinner and Drinks in Covent Garden, London

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Posted: October 19, 2011

There is so much choice in London, it is hard to choose where to go for that “big night out”.

I have put together a few places I would recommend in Covent Garden, all within walking distance.  No one likes to travel miles on a night out.

1) Start off at Be@1

There are two for one cocktails at this well known cocktail bar, they are scattered round London.  I went to the Be@1 in Covent Garden.  My favourite is the strawberry daquiri and the oreo cookie.  It used to be 7 pounds a cocktail, but just this past month went up to 9.50, not such a bargain anymore, maybe that is why they raised the price.  If you are in town, Monday-Wednesday there is a Bartender’s Choice where two cocktails are on special at £5 each all night. If you don’t have to get up for work the next day, then you can really take advantage.

2) Dinner at Sophie’s steak house

Once you have had enough cocktails, you can stumble round the corner to Sophie’s Steakhouse in Covent Garden.  This was recommended to me by a friend in the summer and I have since been there on numerous occasions. The prices are quite reasonable, you can have dinner and a starter and a drink for under 20 pounds.  They serve really good Bloody Marys, but there is no offer here at 8 pounds a drink. I had the Châteaubriand once which was delicious, it ended up being a bit more expensive than I usually pay for a meal 54.95 for two (plus chips and drinks) but well worth it.

3) Dessert at Icrecreamists

Once you have finished dinner at Sophie’s I would head to Icecreamists for dessert. Icecreamists is according to is website “will liberate the world one lick at a time, with an exquisite range of boutique ice creams and cryogenic cocktails.” It certainly pushes the boundaries, especially when it sold breast milk named Baby Gaga earlier this year at 15 pounds a scoop.  There are two icecreamists, both in Covent Garden and it was set up by Matt O’Conor who reinvented himself as the king of ice cream, first opening a concession at Selfridges, then opened up his two restaurants. It is certainly different, the waitresses are dressed as uniformed cops, lots of PVC and the shop is marked as adults only, so no kids allowed.

4) Caberet at Cellar Door

A very quirky, underground bar, this used to be a men’s bathroom, but now has a caberet show.  I went to The Cellar Door on a Thursday night (after a visit to icecreamists) and was pleasantly surprised.  Who knew so many people could fit into such a small bar?  Downstairs there are a number of tables and bar stools (with big lip cushions), surrounded by mirrors and at the far end is the “stage” for the caberet show.  The drinks are on the expensive side – 16 pounds for two gin and tonics but it is worth checking out at least once.

If that doesn’t take your fancy there is always “The Wellington” pub just outside.  It is a nice traditional English pub spread over two floors and on warm evening, is pleasant to sit in the large outside drinking area.

So there you have it, some cool places to go out in Covent Garden, I will be updating more over the weekend as I am off to a hen party in London.


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