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Point Walter – Sunday Afternoons in Perth

Australia Perth
Posted: February 20, 2012

This Sunday we went to Point Walter to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Point Walter is located south of Perth in the suburb of Bicton which is about 15 minutes drive from Perth.  It has great views of the Swan River and is a perfect place to spend  a Sunday afternoon, catching up with friends and family.  There are bbq areas, a playground, cafe and restaurant. There is also a jetty and a boat ramp. It was a lovely setting so I took lots of photos:

Point Walter - Sunday Afternoons in Perth -


Kayaking on the River - Point Walter -


The Sand Bar - Point Walter -

Point Walter is a great place to go swimming. They also use it for dive training courses.  The river is used for kite surfing lessons as the river is very shallow in most of the area, with a maximum depth of 4 metres.  Paddle boarding is also very popular on the river and if you can’t paddle upstream, you can always get off and walk.

Yesterday, there were lots of families at Point Walter, it was about 35 degrees and there was a nice breeze blowing. We walked along the sand bank out into the river as the tide was coming in.  I was glad I brought my “bathers” as we were getting quite wet. If swimming it not your thing, Point Walter is near Blackwall Reach Reserve which is a natural bush area great for cyclists and walkers.  There is also golf course at Point Walter with fantastic views of the river.

Point Walter has a long history. In the Aboriginal, Nyoongar language “Point Walter” means “place of long white flowing hair”.  This refers to to the sand bar and the white waves that break on it which we walked out onto.  There is plenty of shade along the river, a lot of it provided by what the Aboriginal calls the “kissing trees” which are trees intertwined among each other. An Aborigine story, it dates back thousands of years where a young couple were forbidden to be in love as their groups were closely related.  They refused to break up even though the punishment as death.  The couple committed suicide and their spirits are in the trees, with the branches touching, symbolising them kissing. Now they provide shade from the sun for all those that visit Point Walter.

Location of Point Walter -



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