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Christmas Down Under – Perth

Australia Perth
Posted: December 25, 2011

My parents and I  went to Perth to visit my sister and her fiance for Christmas 2011.

It was a beautiful sunny day – 31 degrees.

We stayed at the Silver Street Studio in Fremantle.  My parents had stayed in the Coral Street Cottage two years ago and as it was being rented out this Christmas, we all stayed in the studio.

There are a few things you need too when you have Christmas Down Under, here are mine:

1) Head to the Beach

We went to Cottesloe Beach for a swim.  My sister and her fiance are part of the Cottesloe Surf Lifesaving Club and some of them were on patrol on Christmas Day. We went to the beach around 10 am and it was full of people having their Christmas lunch picnics.

2) Have a BBQ

We did cook shrimp on the barbie on Cottesloe beach.  It was so nice and hot, what a difference to last year when it was only about 0 degrees with snow on the groud. We went back to our place in Fremantle and had a big BBQ, delicious….

3) Invite other Aussies over

It was just the five of us initially on Christmas Day.  We invited the neighbours over for drinks (who we are renting the studio from) before we had our main BBQ which was really nice.  We then had some other friends of my sister and fiancé over in the afternoon for more drinks

4) Go for a walk on the beach

We took a 10 minute walk to South Fremantle beach.  It was still relatively warm and sunny and some people went for a second swim of the day while I had a snooze on the beach.

This has to be one of the best Christmas’s ever. I don’t think I will be rushing to go back and have Christmas in the cold.

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