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Merry Christmas from Down Under

Posted: December 23, 2012

This Christmas I am spending in Perth, Australia.  I spent last Christmas here as well, I guess I just like having that Aussie Christmas and having a “barbie” on the 25th, instead of a roast dinner in the cold.

I wrote a post about How to Have an Aussie Christmas on tripwolf about spending the “holiday season” in Australia.  Here are just a few ways I will be spending my Christmas in Perth.


1)  Beach

Last Christmas we went to the beach on Christmas Day and it was 30 degrees.  This Tuesday, it is expected to be 42 degrees, a “scorcher” as they say in Australian.  Cottesloe Beach, one of the best in Perth was relatively crowded – it is not quite as packed as some of the beaches on the east coast, but it means you can easily get a spot on the white soft sand without having to fight off too many people.

Cottesloe Beach Xmas

2) Surf Club

Being part of a surf club in Australia is a great way to meet like minded people and be active.  My sister and brother in law are part of the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club and there will be some of their friends on patrol on Christmas Day. You can’t join the surf club on Christmas Day but there will be members from the club on the beach.

Cottesloe Surf Club

3) Have a “barbie”

With the beautiful summer weather, the last thing you will probably want to do is have a sit down roast dinner. Australia has some of the freshest and delicious fish.  Shrimps cooked on the bbq make up part of the Christmas dinner.  We will also be having a selection of meats such as sausage, chicken and home made burgers.

BBQ in Australia

4) Visit the pub

There will be many of us going to celebrate Christmas Eve at the Cottesloe Beach Hotel.  They have just renovated the back garden and there are 3 outdoor bars with decking, tables and chairs, bar stools.  It feels rather chic walking in and everyone is required to dress smart.

Cottesloe Beach Hotel

I am looking forward to my Christmas Down Under.  I will need to remember to “slip, slop, slap” as the sun is very strong here and you can easily get permanent sun damage in just one day. Have you spent Christmas recently in Australia? Let me know via Twitter what you did.  It is certainly a different way to spend the festive season and the added bonus is no cold or snow on the big day.

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