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Driving along the Garden Route

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Posted: December 23, 2011

When I went to South Africa, I was fortunate enough to drive from Cape Town into the countryside along what is called the Garden Route.  There was a lot to see along this route from Cape Town to Mossel Bay and I have highlighted some of the best places I saw.

Mossel Bay

The is a small beach town where I stayed for a couple of days.  There were a few bars, restaurants and shops.  I bough t a lot of souvenirs at the arts and crafts markets where all the money goes back to the artist.  I also went to the Oyster bar which is right by the arts and crafts market.  It was a beautiful setting where you can watch the sun set. Cocktails were on the menu and I had a “Brad Pitt” while my friend had an “Angelina Jolie”, about 100 Rand together.

Herolds Bay

This is a small village along the garden route.  It took about 30 minutes to drive here from Mossel Bay.  We had lunch in Duttons Cove, which had magnificent views of the coast line and beach.  We saw on the terrace at the top, inside it is a very chic restaurant and they also offer accommodation in the form of villas and self catered apartments.


This is the largest city in along the Garden Route.  There is an airport here as well with flights to Cape Town, so instead of driving the Garden Route, you can fly here.  We went to George one evening and visited the out of time shopping mall with cinema.  It was just 52 Rands for the cinema and the same amount for popcorn and 2 drinks.  I didn’t see much of George but would go back if I had more time in Mossel Bay.

The Point

This was a restaurant and bar at the end of Mossel Bay, where I am told lots of parties take place through the summer.  My friend and I went here for a swim.  There is a rock pool which is open to the public.  The water was quite cool but refreshing and very clear.  There were even a few fish swimming around.  Beers here were quite cheap, 36 Rand for two drinks and you can also order lunch/dinner.

Dias Beach

This was named after Bartolomeu Dias, the great Portuguese explorer, who was the first man to go round the Cape in the late-15th century. The beach was empty, partly due to the fact this was off peak season.  The waves can get a little rough so I would bring a boogie board if you want to catch some waves.

I had a great stay in Mossel Bay and recommend to anyone who wants a chilled out holiday to come here.

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