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Top 5 Things to do in Paris

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Posted: January 9, 2012

I am an Aussie living in Paris and was asked if I could write a post about the best places to see in Paris.  I came up with these 5 things to do in Paris and wrote my post on

1. Best chocolate in Paris-Angelinas

I first came to Angelinas one year ago,introduced by a close friend from Melbourne.  Whenever anyone visits me in paris, a visit to Angelinas is always something i recommend.

The tea salon was founded in 1903, and was frequented by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel back in the day.  The ambience is elegant and old fashioned, positioned opposite the Jardin de Tuileries.

I guarantee Paris’s best hot chocolate is at Angelinas, called l’africain. although its pricey at around 7 euros, it’s worth every penny and is rich enough to be shared between two,[served in a jug with cream on the side].

For an afternoon of decadence, I recommend trying this with a dessert, which Angelinas is also famous for.  I recommend the macaroon or the mont blanc, which i tried with my parents.  The cafe also serves meals, if you fancy that. Beware they are normally queues to enter, so be prepared to wait around 15-20 minutes.

2.Shopping in Le Marais

Parisiens love having a day of rest on Sundays and most shops are shut, except the trendy area of the Le Marais.

If I have nothing better to do on a Sunday, and am in the mood for some retail therapy, Le Marais is my first point of call.

From trendy boutiques to awesome vintage shops, to all you can eat brunch spots, you can’t go wrong wondering the small cobbled steets of Le Marais. The Marais is also a great spot for people watching, as you get all walks of life here. From the elderly local, who has lived there her whole life, to the young trendies hanging out with friends.  It’s fascinating to watch the Parisiens meet their friends for a brunch or coffee and just observe the atmosphere.

3. Go out in Oberkampf

Oberkampf is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to go out.  It’s unpretentious, trendy and affordable.  A favourite bar i visited with a work colleague and his heavily preganant wife, was au petit garage.  The bar used to be a garage[as per the name], and is now decorated with an old school vibe, with chairs and desks, just like you were back at school!  The prices are also very much from the olden days,  with a glass of wine at 2 euros!  Almost unheard of in Paris!

If you want to go bar hopping in Paris, this is the perfect location to do so.   I recommend to start at Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, [where au petit garage is situated] and make your way down the street and then to rue Oberkampf, directly parallel to this street.

Café place verte and Cafe Charbon are two of my favourite on this street, I had drinks here with work colleagues after our xmas party.  The place has a funky, modern atmosphere, and the staff are very accomodating, esspecially for larger groups.

4. Visit the Parks of Paris

Parc monceau and Jardin de Tuileries are two of my favourite in Paris.  I live right near Parc Monceau and in the summer I regularly use the park for running.  From one side of the park, you can see the Arc de Triomphe. The park is relaxed and non touristy; a great way to see how Parisiens and their families actually live.

Jardin de Tuileries is situated at either metro Tuileries or Concorde.  In the Summer, the garden is a beautiful oasis of flowers and fountains. Taking a stroll through this garden is a delight, making you forget you are in paris, but rather a pretty little fairy tale. In the winter,  it is still beautiful and peaceful, just with less colour than Summer

5. Experience the windy streets leading to the beautiful Sacre Coeur

The church and the view at Sacre Coeur are beautiful and free!  Once you are near metro Pigalle or Anvers, make you way up the streets, taking height in each step and enjoying the bohemian feel of this typical Parisien area.  A favourite restaurant of mine, with very reasonable prices is le Potager.  Be careful to book, as this popular little restaurant gets booked out quickly.  This restaurant is authentic and cool. The close ambience makes this a nice restaurant to come with  a close friends and/or partner.


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