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6 Fun Ways to Keep Fit in London

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Posted: August 31, 2015

It can be difficult to find the time to keep fit while working in London. Some people in their thirties find they put on weight more easily while others (like myself) have always had to watch their weight and so look for more exciting and fun ways to shed the pounds. This past week, Time Out London featured some unique ways to keep fit, which has inspired me to write this post.

Take Part in a Fun Run

There are lots of runs organized throughout the UK. I have taken part in numerous 5k and 10km runs over the past few years. The Stylist has put together a list of the fun runs for the rest of summer. I took part in two London British 10ks.  For those who want a bigger challenge, the Royal Parks Half Marathon is on 11th of October this year.

Fun Run

Cross Fit

This is a relatively new type of gym. I admit it is not for everything but is great for those who are in good shape and want to tone up as you can burn a lot in one work out. I can’t say for sure, but I would guesstimate I burn more than 500 calories per class. I joined one in Barcelona and it is a great work out. When I went to NYC in May, I also took part in the drop in sessions. The Reebox affiliated classes like at Union Square were slightly more expensive at $25 a class, whereas the other ones were $15.

Cross Fit

Make the Most of the “Good” Weather

If you cannot afford a gym, why not make the most of the longer days and relatively dry weather and go for a run in the park? My nearest park is Richmond, also home to a lot of deer. This park is full of runners and walkers, all looking to get fit and healthy. The best part about running is that it is free. Make sure you have some good running shoes. Some sports shops such as Nike Town offer free running tests to check how you are running and therefore can recommend the best shoe.

Deer in the park

Bubble Football

In Time out this week, there was a couple of pages featuring weird workouts. One of them was Bubble Football. Each participant is encased in a see through “zorb”. This is an inflated sphere that makes you look like a giant beach ball. The football is fluoresecent green. There are a maximum of 15 players who can take part in kickabouts as well as bulldog. This is an expensive game and costs £300 for maximum 15 players for 60 minutes.  Find out more at Zorball.

Underwater Hockey

I would never have guessed this type of sport existed. There is a West London Underwater Hockey Club who play this game. Invested by bored scuba divers, 60 years ago, a team of 12 play underwater hockey. The puck has to remain at the bottom of the pool, so when you run out of air, you have to leave the puck on the floor and return quickly. This is a fast game where pucks are whipped from one side of the pool to the other using a small stick. Find your local club at


Play footgolf on a full-sized golf course. But instead of a using a golf club, kick the football into the hole. It sounds like a fun and relaxed way tp spend an afternoon. You can also get some exercise round the course.The Footgolf courses are in Greatter London and range from £5.50 to £12. Find your local course at

So there you have it 6 different ways to keep fit in London. No more excuses for that growing waistline. And if you take part in the fun runs, you get a medal like the below. If you have a different sport that you have tried, get in touch with me.

Finishing the Run


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