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Accommodation in London for Summer 2012

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Posted: March 27, 2012

If you are thinking of heading over to London this summer, make sure you have booked your accommodation well in advance.  With the Diamond Jubilee and Olympics taking place this June – August,  it is going to be very busy.  A lot of the hotels have booked their rooms out at least a couple of weeks before and after the Olympics.  However, there are a still a number of different accommodation options available for those going to London this summer:


YHA, youth hostelling association have many hostels throughout London.  One recently refurbished hostel is just off of Oxford Street and now boasts a sleek and contemporary look.  There is a launderette, with café and bar. There is the option of 2, 3 and 4 bed dorms.   This youth hostel was voted one of the top ten best in London.  Another one that made the top ten was  Palmer’s Lodge which is in a Victorian Grade II listed building.  There is a restaurant in the scullery and a bar in the chapel.  There are a mixture of private, mixed and single sex dorms. For those looking for a party, head to St Christopher’s which claims they are the “international party house”.  Located close to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and close to the Central Line, this is a well known Ozzie hang out.  There is no curfew and there is a24 hour reception.


Travel Lodge and Premier Inn can offer some really good rates. There are more than 50 travel lodges throughout London.  If you book early enough in advance, you can get a room for as little as £19 a night.  I stayed in the travel lodge by King’s Cross and it only cost me £11, but that was in February.  If you have a bigger budget, the 5 star Le Meridien in Piccadilly is a luxurious hotel, right in the centre of Piccadilly, perfect location for those who want to be in the centre of all the action.


If you are looking to go London around the time of the Olympics, you may have heard that many people in East London are renting their homes out.  What once was the rougher end of town, has now been revamped  (home to the new Westfield shopping centre since late 2011) and people have more reason to flock over east. If you do not know of anyone personally that is renting out their homes, there are lots of holiday rental companies that offer short terms rentals. Staying in a London apartment lets you really experience life as a Londoner and allows you to come and go as you please.

Friends and Family

If you know friends in London, why don’t you call them up and see if you can stay with them.  Obviously if you do not know them, you cannot act like a free rider and just stay in their small one bed flat just so you can save a few pennies.  If you do have close friends and family and they have enough space, it may be nice to stay with them as they may also be able to take you round the local area, see the sights and meet other people from London.

If you are thinking about travelling round Europe this summer, there are lots of places to stay. Holiday rentals,  Way 2 Stay and Air BnB are just some of the many holiday rental companies that have properties worldwide.  Whatever you decide, make sure you book well advance in avoid disappointment.

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