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Easter in London – Eggs Galore

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Posted: April 8, 2012

I went to Covent Garden on Easter Sunday and discovered where all the Easter eggs have ended up from thebigegghunt. All 210 had been moved from their hidden locations to the Covent Garden Piazza. I took a few photos of some of them.

The Easter egg hunt was set up by two charities, the Elephant Family and Action for Children.

The Elephant Family set up the “elephant hunt” two years ago in London to raise awareneess for its charity which plays an important role in conservation movements to stop the elephant threat of distinction. Money raised by the charity funds projects across India, Malaysia and Sumatra to protect the last remaining habitats of the elephants.

 Action for Children support 50,000 young people who are the most vulnerable and neglected in the UK.  The charity supports these children for as long as it takes to turn their lives around.   Some of these children do not have the basic necessities such as caring relationships, regular meals and clean clothes.  Action for Children provides practical support and counselling for these children and their families.





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