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Eating in Venice for 5 Euros or Less

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Posted: July 14, 2012

I went to Venice a month ago for a day trip.  My last post about visiting Venice for under 50 euros, I mentioned that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to see the city on the water.  Here are just a few places where you can grab lunch in Venice which are kind on your wallet.



I was walking down Strada Nova on my way from the station, when one of the girls offered me a free smoothie.  It was really hot and Frulala had a stall on the main street with a nice shady area to sit.  The fruit smoothies were good, I just had a sample but they are all made on the premises. Instead, I ordered a crepe with nutella filling and fruit. A crepe with any filling is 5 euros.  You can also have cereal toppings with the crepe.
Chocolate Crepe | Frulala |

Antico Forno

This place is just on the other side of the Rialto bridge.  The pizza was really good.  It is only a take away place as there is no where to sit inside.  The chef is the waiter as well and you have to know quickly what you want otherwise someone else will push in with their order.  It is quite a good deal, pizza and soft drink for 4 euros.  Venice is quite a pricey city.

Antico Forno | Pizza in Venice |
Antico Forno | Pizza in Venice

I was not in Venice that long so the list of cheap places to eat is not exhaustive. If you have any other good value restaurants, let me know.

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