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Venice For Under 50 Euros

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Posted: July 14, 2012

Travelling around Italy can work out rather expensive and you may think you do not have enough budget to visit another city, which is Venice.  However, if you can see other parts of Italy, you can afford Venice too.  Here is how you can visit the city on the water for under 50 euros.

1) Inter Rail

If you have an interail pass then you do not need to spend any additional money to take the regular train to Venice.  It will take around 2 hours to arrive in the heart of Venice.  If, however, you want to get there a little quicker, you can do so, but you will need to pa y an extra 10 euros each way to take the fast train to Venice which will get you into the station in 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Arriving into Venice |
Arriving into Venice

2) Do Your Own Tour

Before you go to Venice, make sure you have brought or borrowed a walking tour book or map.  You can get a map from the tourist board right outside the station but it is 3 euros and there is very little content and highlighted attractions on it. There are better maps for less at the nearby souvenir shops.

3) Dine with a Friend

Sharing a meal for one can work out much cheaper than buying a full portion for yourself. If you know someone who has their own apartment in Venice, you can have lunch at their house.  Realistically most people who will be travelling and may not know anyone in Venice.  If you love pizza, there is a great pizza place just over the Rialto Bridge called Antico Forno where you can grab a big slick of pizza and a soft drink for 4 euros.

4) Take Photos For Souvenirs

Instead of purchasing expensive souvenir drawings and pictures, bring your camera with you and take lots of photos of Venice and its attractions.  When you get home use a bit of photoshop to help the colours really stand out.  Then send the photos off to an online printing book for your very own souvenir of Venice.

Gondolas on the Lagoon |
Gondolas on the Lagoon

5) Buy a Piece of Murano

Venice is famous for is murano glass.  They are sold in all of the shops in the city and there is a wide range of pieces for sale.  You can purchase small pendants for as little as 5 euros.  Jazz it up with a more expensive chain back at home and you have a beautiful necklace, for less.

If you want to stay for longer in Venice, it is probably best you book well in advance as in the peak season, the accommodation gets full very quickly.  If you do not mind about visiting in the winter, you may be able to find some cheap hotel deals, rent an apartments in Venice and even stay in a youth hostel meaning you will have more money left over to spend once you are in Venice.



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