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The Best American Breakfast – D.C. and NYC

New York City North America Washington D.C.
Posted: October 29, 2012

Americans are known for their generous portion size and breakfast is no exception.  An American breakfast will consist of pancakes, waffles, maply syrup, whipped butter, eggs, bacon, toast, coffee or orange juice or both. Just remember to go for a good work out or run round the city before you tuck in so you can enjoy all of it without feeling guilty.

I went to two great diners for breakfast when I was in the States this month.

American Diner

Washington D.C.

The Diner” in Adam’s Morgan served one of the best breakfasts I have had in a long time.  I ordered the $12.95 menu which consisted of bacon, eggs, chocolate chip pancakes, maple syrup, whipped butter (which looks like whipped cream) and toast as well as home fries.  Home fries look more like mini hash browns.  If you want the long skinny ones, choose French fries.

Breakfast in DC

The Diner,  located on 18th street in Washington DC, is very popular especially over the weekends. I went around 9:30 am on a Sunday, any later would involve waiting for a good 20 minutes.  The staff were friendly but there was a high turn over of customers.  People don’t hang around once they have finished breakfast. I would definitely recommend


On 7th avenue and 34th street,  is Stage Door, a famous diner.  I went here with a friend on my last day in NYC.  The staff were really friendly and very quick to serve us our breakfast.  All their meals even sandwiches are massive, so make sure you have a big appetite.  I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with a few rashes of bacon, some eggs and some toast. The diner also served us huge pickles and coleslaw while we waited for our main meal.

Pancakes at Stage Door

Our waitress was great, came to take our order once the hostess had showed us to our seats and also came back to check if everything was ok with our meal. The only thing I have to say, is there were not enough chocolate chips in the pancakes, but then, who normally mixes pancakes with chocolate?

I was full all day and walked around NYC for the rest of Saturday, trying to work off my breakfast. I would definitely recommend having breakfast/brunch at this restaurant next time you are in New York.


I went to NYC in August 2014 and Stage Door was closed. I will have to find a new place for pancakes and bacon and will write about it when I do.

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