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Top Budget Hotels in New York City

New York City North America
Posted: May 29, 2015

Bright lights, big city and expensive is what many people may think before visiting NYC. This does not necessarily have to be the case as I found out on a recent budget conscious trip to New York City. I was surprised by the quality of the more down market and reasonable places to stay.


Pod 39

Pod Hotel

Pod 39 was a great hotel, I stayed here in March 2013 and it was cheaper than when I looked to stay here in May. It is a very centrally located hotel, close to Grand Central Station and relatively close to Central Park if you feel like going to a run during your visit. There was free Wifi in all the rooms and the rooms were furnished to a high standard and were ensuite. There is a choice to have single bed, double bed or even bunk beds.


  • The Pod Hotel 39
  • 145 East 39th Street (between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
  • New York, NY 10016

Cost per night including tax: $206.50 or £137.50

For one person on their own, this is a bit pricey, but with two, it can work out quite economical.


Leo House

Leo House

This past month I stayed in Leo House on West 23rd Street. It is a Catholic Guesthouse for Travelers, but people of all religions are welcome to stay here. People do not state their religion when they arrive and no one asks.

It was $115 a night including tax. For 2 nights it was $230, so quite a good price for downtown NYC.

It was a very comfortable room. There was no ensuite but there was a toilet and a sink in the room. There was also free WiFi and a TV with US channels. I felt very secure and safe in Leo House. The communal shower was clean and I never had to wait in line to use it.

Leo House Room


  • Leo House
  • West 23rd Street
  • New York, NY 10016

Cost per night including tax: $115

Seafarer’s International House


This guest house was originally for seafarers but has since been opened up to the public. I stayed at Seafarer’s International House earlier this month for two nights for a total cost $190.19. At $95 a night, this is most reasonable for a central location. The downside was the lack of Wifi in the room, but this is soon to be rectified. There was WiFi in the lobby and entrance which had been recently renovated. The décor in some rooms was a bit dated and the rooms were cleaned daily unlike at Leo House. But there were enough towels and I had a sink in my room, TV and view over the street.


  • Leo House
  • 123 E 15th St,
  • New York, NY 10003

Cost per night including tax: $95

Where have you been in NYC that was reasonable? I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook.

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