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The Most Romantic City in The World For Valentine’s Day

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Posted: February 14, 2015

Today is Valentine’s Day ! To many it is a day to celebrate their love, for those that are single, some want to ban Valentine’s.  But I don’t think it should be about if you are single or not, it is a day to reflect and think about who is important to you in your life, close friends, family and make sure you appreciate them. It should also be about spending this day in a place that you love and enjoy.

I asked some of my friends what they thought about Valentine’s Day, what is the most romantic city in the world and why.


Bondi and Whistler

“As commercialised and over rated as Valentines Day is I think it provides a great motivation for people to get together with those closest to them. Some of my most memorable Valentine’s have been without a partner. One Feb 14 I spent the evening at Bondi Beach sipping cocktails in sun lounges, watching a film at an open air cinema with some of my closest friends. Another was celebrated at an amazing supper club dinner with my cousin and great crowd of new buddies. Last year I spent skiing in Whistler with my two awesome housemates followed by fun après long into the night. I look forward to Valentine’s Day regardless of my Facebook relationship status.”



“I would go for Brighton as it’s full of cute candlelit pubs, intimate independent restaurants and of course you have the sea and sunsets! Its got a lovely relaxed atmosphere with a real appreciation for music culture and outdoor lifestyle.”


Late Night Takeaway

Kebabs, burgers, Chinese, chippy, the illegal late night boozer. At the end of a long night we all end up here. The energy has run out and the eyes are getting heavy.
The late night takeaway plays a pivotal role in our personal and romantic lives.
This is the time when we are at are most honest. Friendships are reinforced through a haze of alcoholic chatter. New romances can be started with an ongoing journey. And many are ended here.
They are not pretty – but, then, neither are relationships.”


“There is nothing better than walking besides the River Thames on a sunny day with a loved one.”

Night Time London

Regensburg, Germany

“This town, where I did my year abroad, is an intimate hidden gem. This is because of the quaint medieval architecture, its palace and beautiful river Danube. Admittedly not Parisian grandeur, but still a pretty and relaxing setting with its own cafés and cobbled streets.”


“For me the most romantic city in the world is Rome. It may be a cliché and I have visited a number of other great cities, but eating ice cream whilst the sun sets at the Trevi fountain remains beautiful despite the tourists. Even better is heading out as the sun rises but that depends on how much you like your sleep!! The architecture is stunning and as the light changes and you throw coins into the fountain there is an air of excitement of what the future may bring, whatever your stage of life.

In terms of Valentines day itself I don’t like feeling that you should do something romantic but taking just 30 minutes out of your day to have a walk with your partner, family or friends and talking about all their fab qualities makes everyone feel a little bit happier…..It’s all about spreading the love!”



Anyone that knows me, will know I love Barcelona.  I would like to live there for a long time as it is the place where I feel at home.  Therefore I am spending Valentine’s here in Barcelona.  I will be celebrating it with my family who are visiting for the weekend. Valentine’s should not be about being romantic with a partner for one day, but should be about appreciating your friends and family throught out the year. However, Valentine’s Day may be a trigger for us to remember and as my friend said, it’s all about spreading the love.

Where will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? I would love to hear from you. Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you to all my friends who helped me create the post.

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