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How to Celebrate Halloween in Barcelona

Barcelona Europe Spain
Posted: October 29, 2015

I love Halloween, it is my favorite holiday. I have loved it every year since I lived in the States and the photo below was one of my first Halloweens with my sister.

Halloween Age 5This year I am going to be in Barcelona so I really wanted to do something to celebrate. Halloween is a celebrated over 3 days in Spain, starting on Octobe 31st and ending on November 2nd. November 1st in Catalonia is All Saint’s Day. In Barcelona, family remember their loved ones who are no longer here.  Halloween is about celebrating life as well as honoring the dead.

Noite de Calacus

The Halloween Festival begins with a Night of the Pumpkins or “Noite de Calacus” on October 31st.  There are many pumpkins in the the supermarkets but they are also on sale in the markets. There are many places in Barcelona celebrating Halloween.  Some are free entry, such as the George Payne pub in Plaza Urquiona. The bars along the beach like Opium and Shoku have Halloween parties where people are dressing up. There are many places to buy a costume from such as Party Fiesta in the Raval.

Theme Park

PortAventura, a local theme park is celebrating Halloween. There is an Addams family, monsters, vampires and zombies all coming out from October 26th until mid November. There is also a night time terror walk, La Selva del Miedo, or why not visit Horror en el Lago or get lost in the Pasajes del Terro.

The Ruta de Altares or the Alter Route, is a Mexican tradition during Halloween in Barcelona. There are 30 alters dedicated to remembering loved ones past.  These alters have different themes and are in 30 bars and shops and associations in Barcelona.

Night Tour

Last Halloween I went on a ghost tour round London and in Barcelona there is also a spooky tour. A company called Runnerbean Tours off the Haunted Past Night Tours. There is also a Ghost Walking Tour by ICONO where they reveal phantom and witchcraft stories that took place in Barcelona in the past.

All Saints Day

The day after Halloween, November 1st is All Saints day. It is a public holiday, but this year as it falls on a Sunday, there is no holiday. But this is the day when families come together to honor loved ones. On this day, many people enjoy “La Castanyada” which is a  Catalan tradition. This is a tradition of eating roasted chestnuts, sweet potatoes and cakes. People also visit cemetaries and lay flowers for loved ones, then they spend a family day together. Poblenou cemetery is the first modern cemetery in Barcelona and has many beautiful historic statues.  There will be a musical concert at Poblenou and at Les Corts cemeteries. Other cemeteries will have special memorial masses.

All Souls Day

The next day 2nd of November, is All Souls day. On this day, families will attend church services in honor of Catholic saints and martyrs.


What are you doing for Halloween?  I will be dressing up again and going to the George Payne pub to also want the Rugby World Cup. My sister is in Australia this year so maybe we will celebrate next year. Below is a photo from our Halloween party a few years ago.



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