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Review of Manbok – Korean Restaurant in Barcelona

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Posted: February 17, 2018

Manbok opened in January this year and I have already been twice. It is a great restaurant and I cannot recommend it enough.

Manbok already has 100% rating on TripAdvisor and it is no surprise why. The service is great, the staff are very attentive. The food is delicious as well and it is really good value for money.

We had the bbq last time I came in. For three of us, it cost 15 Euros each including a starter and drinks. Each table is set up with a BBQ with extractor fan. I have never been to a restaurant where there is BBQ on each table yet there is no smoke. The waitress set up the BBQ, started cooking the meats and ensured we were cooking the food correctly as well.

Korean BBQ food

There is a wide selection of different Korean dishes. I had the Bibimbap the first time I came which was delicious as well and good value for money. It was 7 Euros and I was full as it was so filling.

What I liked about the restaurant is that it was relatively quiet. Many restaurants, it is hard to hear yourself think, yet alone keep up with the conversation. This is partly due to the decoration, soft furnishings instead of hard, cold tiles on the floor and wall.

Visit Manbok yourselves for a delicious Korean meal. Nearest station is either Arc de Triomf or Tetuan. The address is: Calle Ausias Marc, 77, Barcelona 08013

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