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Staying in Luxury for Less – Budapest Marriott

Budapest Hungary
Posted: July 4, 2012

People had told me that it was very dangerous in Budapest and as I was a female travelling by myself I should not stay in a hostel but in a “nice” hotel.  I did not think it was but to save hassle, I booked myself into a hotel, one that a friend had recommended – it was the Marriott.  I have not stayed in a 5 star hotel since I was very young .  It was a nice change and if I had been sharing the room with a friend, it would have worked out very cheap indeed.  Here are some of the benefits about staying in a 5 star hotel.

1) The staff are so polite

Yes staff are supposed to be polite in hotels but they were even more so at the Marriott.  When I arrived at the hotel, there was someone there to open the taxi door and to help me with my luggage, although I could manage it myself. When I was in my room, I could dial down to reception and they answered the phone within about 3 rings in such a polite manner “Hello Ms Turnbull, how may I help you”.

Mariott Hotel Outside

2) The best views from a big room

After having view of a small inner courtyard in Prague, it was a nice change to have a perfect view of the Danube where I could watch the sunset from the luxury of my own massive king size bed. I was not feeling well during my stay in Budapest so I was glad to have a nice big room with its own desk, climate control system and private bathroom.  Plus the bathroom and bedroom were cleaned every day and my bed was freshly made – even though I did make it myself.

View from the hotel

3) All you can eat breakfast buffet

I had booked the deluxe room with “free” buffet breakfast and I was certainly not disappointed.  There was enough food there to last me a week.  There was Swedish breakfast (ham and cheese), Japanese, American (US style pancakes with maple syrup), English breakfast as well as fruit salads, cereals plus a chef to make your own eggs however you liked them cooked.

Of course staying in a luxury hotel, meant that extras were very pricey.  I was not impressed by the lack of the internet, expensive laundry service and spin classes.


Negative points about the Marriott that can be improved

1) There was no free WiFi which meant I had to pay the equivalent of 15 euros per day for the privilege to connect to the internet.

2) It cost over £2.00 (UK) to have one pair of underwear washed, I mean that is ridiculous.  I was away for a month, but I was not going to fork out an obscene amount of money just to get some dirty clothes washed.  I later washed them myself in one of the hostel machines for 5 euros.

3) The gym classes were very expensive.  I know we were in a nice part of town, but it was about £12 to take a spin class, far more than what I had paid in Prague.

I enjoyed my stay at the Marriott, but I think for a 5 star hotel, they should at least provide free WiFi.  I hope to come again, but maybe visit another Marriott chain if I can get such a good deal again.

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