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Hen Weekend in London

Posted: November 13, 2011

I am planning a hen weekend and I know how hard it can be to come up with new and different things to do for your hen party.  I therefore decided to share my experience here on

Chocolate making

This was a great idea for a hen party.  We went to My Chocolate which is near (Chancery Lane and Holborn) for a chocolate making session.  It was on the expensive side, £43 for the course but it was really great fun..  We started the class at 3pm and the teacher took us through how chocolate is made. Bonus is that we got to take home our chocolates.

The Ice Bar

Located in Heddon Street, this place is right in the heart of London.  You have to book your “slot” for the ice bar in advance, you cannot just turn up.  At £17 each, it is probably one of the more priciest bars, but that does include a drink in an ice glass. Inside the bar it is about -20 degrees, but they do give you a nice warm coat.  Have a look at some of the photos, the whole place is made out of ice – hence the name “Ice Bar”.

Bowling at All Stars Lane

I am not the best bowler and therefore bowling at All Stars Lane was not my first choice but it was actually really good fun.  It is great to get a bit of team spirit going and you can also have some cheeky beers or if feeling flush – a cocktail at the bar. There is also the option to have dinner here, but I didn’t think it was the best value for money and it is nice to have a change of scenery once you have finished the bowling. All Stars Lane is in Holborn, Bayswater, Westfield and Brick Lane.  I have been to the one in Holborn and I went to Bloomsbury Bowling for another hen do.  Holborn has just four lanes, while Bloomsbury has up to 16 lanes, split across two floors as well as karaoke booths – another idea for a hen party.

Grace Bar

Apparently there are not many places in London where they allow you to book a table for 20 in one sitting, but Grace bar did, (just behind Shaftsbury avenue), so we went there for dinner.  Drinks are on the pricey side out side of Happy Hour – Corona is £4.50 as opposed to the usual price of £3.50, but we did get free entry to the club below.  There are two areas of the club.  As you do down the stairs on the left, there is the R&B and chart dance floor, while on the right is a more of a chilled out bar with big white sofas to lounge on.

Tea at Flemings Hotel – Mayfair

Afternoon tea at a hotel is another hen party idea.  I am going to book 21 of us at Flemings and the room hire is free.  We can have the room from 1:30 until 5:00pm which gives us plenty of time to chat and catch up.  The costs are very reasonable, from £23.50 per person for the traditional tea. Places like the Savoy are £45 and you only have an hour and a half or maximum two hours.

So there you have it, five things to do for your hen party – all in London.  Let me know if you have any fun hen parties you want to share and you could be writing the guest post on this blog.

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